Soulful Wellness Guide

Werde zum Soulful Wellness Guide 

Shiva Rea bietet erstmalig und ganz neu ein ganz besonderes Online Teacher Training an. Ihr habt die Möglichkeit zum Soulful Wellness Guide zu werden. Das heißt für euch: Ihr lasst euch von Shiva in ihrem Team durch verschiedene virtuelle Live Klassen und Workshops ausbilden, und könnt das neu gewonnene Wissen in eurer eigenen Community anwenden. Shiva und Team sind eure Mentoren. Ihr habt Zugang zu Shiva‘s Neuem Online Sanctuary und seid Teil einer weltweiten Gemeinschaft von PRANA Flow Lehrern und Studenten. 

Es gibt 2 verschiedene Mitgliedschaften:
$ 64/Monat ( Movement Meditation, Wellness Guide/Coach, Health Advocate) $ 108/ Monat (Professional Guide) 

Durch inspirierendes und effektives Unterrichten der Welt dienen: Ob Einzelunterricht, Gruppen Unterricht, Community Workshops oder saisonale Ereignisse und Rituale: Hier werdet ihr auf alles vorbereitet.

Soulful Wellness Guide Element 1: EMBODYING PRANA FLOW Ganzheitliches Yoga, Bewegungs-Meditation und ein Leben in Balance.                          

* LIVE Monthly Unlimited Class Pass to the morning and afternoon solar-lunar prana flow, meditations, movement meditations, wisdom and classical text study, community circles 

* Apply soulful check-ins – assess and embody your own soulful needs 

* Experience a grounded, compassionate, inclusive, body-positive approah to “practice as life-alchemy/life-support in order to guide others 

* Two Special Teaching Labs with Shiva

* Weekly Soulful Wellness Circles

* Systematic approach to meditaiton, classes, wellness handouts

  • accessible and grounding “short sessions” as well as depth retreat dives.

Element 2 LIFESTYLE: Living in Rhythm

Our Vital Living Wellness is designed for practitioners and yoga teachers who want to embody, teach and serve a holistic life-path guide. 

* Know thy Self – Beginning the journey of knowing your body and cultivating cellular intelligence in basic Ayurveda, somatics and yogic tools for embodying your natural state.

* Lifestyle tools to “Caress Stres”s to tend the fire of stress in these times. 

* Live in rhythm with nature – the sun, moon, and seasonal cycles for greater harmony. 

* Cultivate accessible self-care tools for daily, evening, weekly, lunar, seasonal tending of our vital fire 

  • Nutrition focused on evidence-based “Anti-Inflammatory” Plant-Food suggestions for your choices and to empower your students with general options for vital living.

Element 3 Meditation for All

* Learn to offer and embody a mandala of meditation forms 

* Learn a systematic approach to mantra, mudra, contemplation, breath flow 

  • Study in the sacred wisdom passages of the yoga, mystic heart, vedic, bhakti and tantric tradition


Nourish the body of love + connect with community in global circles till we can meet again LIVE

* Activate your soul purpose in a community guided by Shiva Rea and supported by Prana Flow Vital Living Mentors

* Tools to support space-holders, empower your voice, listening and inter-personal skills to be a friend on the path for all

* Be a Positive Changemaker and bring love in action 

  • Re-kindle your love of practice and teaching

Element 5 Inspiration: Live Navigation, Vision and Activation

Live your seed dreams and experience the power of vital living 

* Utilize the Prana Flow Mandala Mat + cycle of the year pranam practices to anchor a lifestyle of living in rhythm 

* Embody, teach, and serve a holistic life path that integrates yoga, fitness, and nutrition 

* Cultivate + clarify your life purpose: body, heart, and soul.

Live Call mit Shiva über den Soulful Wellness Guide und eure Möglichkeiten. Wenn ihr Fragen habt, meldet Euch. Ihr könnt jederzeit einsteigen. Offizieller Beginn ist der 1. Mai, aber es gibt immer die Chance, noch mitzumachen.